The Oil and Gas industry brings its unique set of challenges while it continues to evolve as the number one economic priority for many regions throughout the world. As a result, they must take into consideration environment and governmental policies that regulate overall operations. In recent decades, fracking has been scrutinized as creating the basis of environmental issues including air and water quality regulation, offshore regulation and chemical/water management. Entrusting who manages the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of support services from exploration to extraction has become more critical to the success of the industry.

To help our customers manage competing priorities, GWI provides reliable services in support of supply chain distribution and life support operations. We specialize in frac water lifecycle logistics which include transport of water, water treatment, and recycling. Our life support services includes the safeguarding of people and equipment, designing and building base camps as well as base camp operations. In addition we provide all staffing and support services required to run a base camp. We have provided services to organizations such as, Halliburton, LukOil, ENI, KBR and U.S Government agencies assisting the Oil and Gas Sector.


Our capabilities include:

  • Construction and Engineering - Design, and construction of 50-1,000 man base camps; self supporting portable to permanent construction on remote locations
  • Logistic Support – supply chain, materials and equipment for life support services and water cycle requirements
  • Pipeline Assessment and Security – Pipeline security and assessment with rotary wing assets or surveillance by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Oil Field Services – Water engineering and water treatment processes with numerous solutions using a variety of methods to recapture, treat, recycle and reuse the water from hydraulic fracturing operations. Waste water  evaporation technology to reduce disposal volume
  • Frac Engineering Services - Staffing and development of plans as well as technical data for execution of projects
  • Life Support Solutions - Facility Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of base camps.  Staffing and managing of life support services facilities
  • Procurement - Pre-Insulated Piping Systems, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipes and fittings, uPVC Well Casings & Screen Pipes, PVC Racking Systems, Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP), HDPE Pipes & Fittings for Water & Gas Applications, uPVC & GRP casings & Screens, Pipe Clamps & Hangers
  • Vetting - vetting of contracts, personnel and potential business ventures in foreign markets
  • Handlers - travel escorts for security purposes
  • Translation - interpreters and document translation 

The lessons we have learned while executing projects in the Middle East and assisting companies establishing operations are valuable. The experiences we have gained qualifies us to assist firms in expanding their operations to international markets. Our legal outreach, and vetting capabilities, save our customers from making costly mistakes.

Energy & Environmental

Mark Glasshof

Mark began his career in geophysics over 38 years ago with Western Geophysical Company, now a Schlumberger company, in Denver, CO. A large portion of his seismic experience, 13 years, was spent managing and supervising land field crews throughout all of the Rocky Mountain states, West Texas, South Texas, Oklahoma, Michigan and California. In addition to Mark’s field experience he has an extensive background in seismic data processing beginning in Midland, TX where he processed, supervised and managed 2D and 3D data sets for 7 years throughout the Permian/Delaware Basin, South Texas and Oklahoma. Mark’s last position with WesternGeco / Schlumberger was Center Manager in Oklahoma City, OK. His responsibilities over the last 10 years involved that of program development, managing the processing center in Oklahoma City and all aspects of Multi-Client opportunities and services. After retiring from Schlumberger Mark spent 8 years working for Apex-HiPoint, now a division of Sigma3, focusing on business development of microseismic acquisition and imaging, frac engineering and multi-variant seismic reservoir characteristic studies. Project areas involved all of Mid-Continent and Permian / Delaware Basins in West Texas / New Mexico.