Mobile Containerized Units (MCU)

With a reputation built on offering superior service, experienced team and high quality materials, GWI is a sought after manufacturer of Mobile Containerized Units in the USA. Commercially licensed, insured and bonded, GWI is involved in the design, construction and delivery of each unit.

What is an MCU

We begin with the structure of a shipping containers, we retrofit and manufacture components that transform each container into a livable, operational and fully functional piece.  Our line of  MCU’s offer clients the flexibility of ordering one or multiple units which can be configured into mobile or stationary turnkey base camps that can be mobilized multiple times.  Our units can easily be transported via Helicopter Slingable, Flatbed Transport, or Vessel.

Dimensions and configurations will vary depending on clients' required footprint. Once the base mode and  engineering plans are approved, we commence manufacturing.  We are experts in “Tactical Packaging” and adding diverse hardware and software components into units, taking into considerations weight and area of work. Our integration includes advanced power and environmental conditioning modules as well as communication racks and masts.

We take a customer-focused approach allowing us to establish responsive customer relations from initial consultation to delivery. The end results in a made-to-order product  utilizing the latest technology available.

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GWI series of MCU’s will meet a clients need for: 


  • Tactical Operation Centers (TOC’S), GSM and Radar Equipment Shelters
  • Controlled Environments/Shelters - Electronic IT Equipment
  • Ammunition/Weapons Storage Units 
  • HazMat, Fuel Storage Air or HazMat Monitoring
  • Self Sustaining Observation Units/Surveillance
  • Classrooms


  • Personnel Accommodations Shower or Latrine Units (combination ablution units)
  • Dining Facilities (DFAC’s)
  • Portable Water Purification Units
  • Cold Storage Units
  • Power Generation Unit (plug and play capabilities)
  • Fuel Pumping Stations


  • Medical Clinics or Laboratory Units
  • Emergency Relief Shelters
  • Mortuary Affairs Support Unit/Cold Storage


  • Oil and Gas Industry Pipeline Observatory Units
  • Mobile Oil and Gas Exploration Units
  • Pipeline Repair Shop with office

(* Units can be manufactured for tactical or commercial use. Finishing colors typically utilized are OD Green/Tan/Blue. Blast protective panels and linings are an option material during manufacturing and Rhino Sprays).

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