Restoring Lives

By combining our Engineering, Construction and Logistics division resources and capabilities, GWI supports and takes action towards becoming a humanitarian solution to the crisis of misplaced persons due to man-made or natural disasters.


GWI knows that in order to provide disaster relief directly to parishes, support agencies or government, 80% of the work requires effective and efficient planning, logistics and supply chain management.  Our staff is comprised of experienced emergency management professionals, prior military quartermasters/logisticians, environmental engineers, and project managers.  By mobilizing our people, resources, and skills we delivers solutions and aid to help those effected by disasters.  Actively involved in the planning phases of emergency response, we offer our services to the Oklahoma Emergency Management Association, FEMA Region 6, and other Federal Organizations such as Homeland Security.  It is our social responsibility, as a small business, to take active roles within our communities in bringing viable solutions utilizing our capabilities.  The first 72 hours of a disaster are crucial, therefore, effective pre-planning is an ongoing part of our organization's activities to provide logistical and remediation capabilities. 

From Planning to Execution


We eliminate redundancy, and maximize efficiency to deliver effectiveness by combining resources from GWI and our partnerships allowing us to execute complex large projects.

We work together in the review of opportunities and identifying key organizational elements required to successfully complete projects we commit too.  These key elements begin with our leadership, our subject matter experts, our processes of managing quality, health, safety and progression.  GWI's contract and project management approach are incorporate thorough a series of planning phases that identify and mitigates risks, monitor performance as well as procurement life-cycles.  The intent is to allow our processes of execution be an added value to our clients specially when time is of the essence.  Whether the disaster is man made or natural, as a social responsible firm, there is nothing more gratifying than incorporating what we love to do, to assist people and communities by seeing our practices in motion. 

Our supply chain management, and skilled managers look to closely work together with State and Federal Government agencies to respond to logistics, and remediation requirements.  Our mission is to do more and better with less by applying a leanness to work approach. 

GWI has on staff experts with 20+ years in the industry of Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning, who have worked and continue to work alongside agencies such as FEMA, HUD, Corps of Engineers, State and Federal Emergency Management Agencies and local parishes.

The experience in providing services to Natural Disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, and Hurricane Ike. 

By crafting the branches of our divisions and the capabilities of our partners and manufacturers, GWI takes on projects no matter how great or small by offering the following services:

  • Manage and disposal of waste
  • Provide immediate response for humanitarian logistics
  • Provide humanitarian supply chains
  • Active member of disaster preparation phase and response phase
  • Relocate our assets any where in the USA for remediation works (residential and commercial properties no more than 2 stories)
  • Design, construct and support interim, or permanent residential low to mid-income housing
  • Design, construct and service Federal Support Mobile Containerized Units

GWI's "Rapid Construction Methods" are a recommended residential solution, that is currently being applied in social housing projects world wide.  To learn more about the engineering and versatility of these pre-fabricated wall and roof systems, go to our Construction section of our website.

Manufacturing and construction phases are monitored and incorporated using International Building Codes (IBC), ISO 9001:2015 regulations, FEMA and HUD building codes and more.  Our versatile design options give clients the option to purchase units that can easily be disassembled and re-assembled for future need. 

Our ingenuity comes from understanding people and crisis, how government contracting works, and what is required when working under time sensitive constraints.  GWI has for the past 12 years thrived working in war stricken areas of the world were people and communities require remediation of infrastructure to rebuild their lives after man made disasters.  GWI, as a firm made up of resilient people, we extend our resources in providing the tools necessary to restore what was lost.

GWI is solution driven by actively taking on roles in remediation projects and providing socioeconomic development opportunities in the communities we work and live.

Chose from our small to mid-size home models to build intermediate or permanent housing utilizing pre-fabricated modular construction systems, design build to clients specifications.