GWI Rapid Construction Systems (RCS)

The advantages of utilizing GWI “Rapid Construction Solutions Methods” (RCS Methods) is that it allows us to deliver an overall quality end product utilizing pre-engineered wall and ceiling panels.  These panels are environmentally safe, Eco-friendly, energy efficient, and swift in construction.  Compared to conventional building methods, these pre-engineered and pre-fabricated structures are lightweight, durable, fire/termite/earthquake/wind and extreme weather resistant.  The systems are made to contract specification, eliminating excess waste and high installation costs. With our RCS Methods, minimum skill labor is required for execution, allowing us to incorporate socioeconomic solutions by hiring local labor forces without compromising safety, quality and delivery time. Composite pre-engineered and manufactured technology represent a range of complete systems of monolithic composite, concrete, and even blast resistant systems, with a vast array of finishes. GWI is able to meet high quantity demands for pre-fabricated, pre-manufactured temporary, interim or permanent specialty built housing, and shelter systems.  This system is highly recommended as an effective time saving solution for Oil & Gas, Government housing projects, as well as housing for misplaced families after a natural or man-made disaster

These systems are applied to multi-story structure as seen in the photo above.  Parks Edge Inn, a 16 room boutique was designed and built within 60 days, meeting International Building Codes.  This Inn served Dignitaries, Government Officials and Fortune 500 companies looking to invest in the Socioeconomic Development of Iraq.  The project was funded and inspected by the U.S Department of Defense and U.S Department of State.

GWI’s Rapid Construction is a method comprised of a series of pre-fabricated wall and roof systems developed to solve the current need in delivering solid quality, affordable housing solutions applying expeditionary methods of manufacturing, delivery and erecting.

Rapid Construction Systems offers several key advantages in general building construction, important among them are:
• Consistent High Quality Finishes
• Competitive Pricing
• Easy Handling
• Simple Method of Construction and Assembly
• Reduction of Manpower
• Quicker Completion Time
• Superior Insulation Factor
• Good Noise Reduction
• Engineered for cold weather or extreme heat environments
• Build to client specifications - wall thickness, height, finishes

Rapid Panel Systems consists of a cement board surface on the exterior wall, while the interior wall can be finished with a cement board and gypsum ready for painting interior walls to client tastes.  A combination of solid layers of PU insulation and cement is placed between the exterior and interior walls, providing rigidity, strength and insulation found in brick and concrete walls.

The system consists of panels with different wall thicknesses for interior and exterior walls. The electrical conduits can be embedded inside the walls, offering a practical solution for all plumbing and other facility management requirements. In order to speed assembly process and reduce the manpower required, and waste, the panels are manufactured in set width sections to enable easy handling. It requires only two (2) people to handle the panel, and assembly can be performed using simple tools. The reduction of the number of assets and construction waste material is an important cost and time savings of the Rapid Panel System. The technology and engineering that has been applied to develop this system makes it suitable for construction of: Houses, Apartment Buildings, Offices, Motels, Schools, Building Partitions, Affordable Housing, and more. Large projects allow us to provide the client an option of setting up remote manufacturing plants for quick production.  Walls can be insulated at different ratings to accommodate for extreme cold and or heat.