GWI with its manufacturing partners, have decades of experience in the design, delivery and management of expeditionary camps. Our commitment to excellence ensures we only work along side reputable pioneers of Rapid Construction Systems (RCS), who specialize in the design and manufacturing of pre-engineered panel systems incorporating U.S Build Specifications and manufacturing standards acceptable in the pre-engineered housing industry.  The experience and methodology gained incorporate quality control and assurance services, construction management, and program management methods that create a seamless operations, controlled outcomes that are passed on to the client.

Together with our engineering and construction capabilities, we deliver the highest quality of residential and commercial structures world wide. The benefits of utilizing pre-engineered and prefabricated construction methods are abundant, but a few to mention are that upon completion clients receive benefits such as decreased utilities, savings on mortgage loans for implementing Eco-efficient materials and less maintenance expenditures.

From different wall and roofing systems with option of doors, windows, roof pitches and more to chose from, GWI engineering ensures that the solution applied matches the environment and budget specifications of the client.  Whether the project is for, whether residential or commercial, we are poised and eager to deliver. 

Configurations differ and applications benefits are as follows: 

  • Aesthetic looks and appearance
  • Low impact on environment, during construction and lifetime of structure
  • Suitable for any climatic conditions
  • Insulated roof, walls, partition & door panels manufactured to the highest standards
  • Considerable saving in electricity bills & home insurance
  • Long lasting & durable
  • Quick delivery & erection time when compared to conventional buildings
  • Possible to build Ground + First floor
  • Can be easily stored as flat pack
  • Flat-packed and bundled to reduce transportation cost
  • Expedient on construction time frame

By utilizing either our Mobile Containerized Units (MCU's), or Rapid Construction System (RCS), or a combination of both, GWI designs, constructs and delivers fully functional Expeditionary Camps.  The design is intended to leave little to no impact on the environment.  Whether the client requires the site to have a short or long term footprint, utilities and infrastructure can be constructed utilizing wind, solar energy, above ground piping for water, sewer and electric and placed on temporary or mobile foundations.  Built for 10 or 1,000 people, structures are swiftly mobilized and demobilized, with options to utilize collapsible wall and roof systems for easy storage and readiness for future use.  Sites can be priced as fully functional with turnkey operations and maintenance packages.

The construction phases are expedited and cost effective because materials, labor and equipment required is 30% less than conventional construction.  Expeditionary camps are a great solution for Disaster Relief efforts, Oil & Gas industry, Federal organizations and or private firms looking to build mobile home sites.

GWI's past performance designing, constructing and managing expeditionary camp sites began in 2006, delivering 50 to 1000 manned camps throughout the Middle East and Africa. Today, our services are extended to Europe, and the USA.

Our highly trained engineers and experienced project management team is committed to delivering project within the scheduled time and well within the stipulated budget. Safe and speedy execution of the project is ensured by our staffs’ commitment right from the inquiry to the handing over of the project with guaranteed attention to even the minute details of the project. This differentiates us from our competitors and we believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our clients.  Have we not only constructed these sites, we have lived in them and know the importance of functionality, safety, and security.