What We Do

Ground Works Inc. (GWI) is a commercial firm that provides services clients can count on.   Our services focus on residential and commercial engineering, and construction with strong capabilities in logistics. Established in 2006 in the state of Oklahoma, GWI has worked executing complex U.S Government, State, Federal and Private funded projects. Our past performance includes life support services, operation and maintenance, and design build of expeditionary camps/communities.

By combining our divisions, capabilities and assets, we extend our services to support disaster relief efforts with construction and logistics support.

We are a Veteran Operated firm registered with the Small Business Administration (SBA), with active DUNS and CAGE code. As a small Disadvantaged Minority, Female owned firm, we seeks set aside opportunities, and challenging design build contracts world wide.

GWI has a well-earned reputation for delivering exceptional products by meeting our clients deadlines, and budgets while exceeding their expectations. We repeatedly assumed leadership roles in challenging environments such as those found in Iraq and Africa.

It is our corporate social responsibility to maintain stringent Health, Safety and Environmental Policies and practices that positively impact our clients, stakeholders, sub-contractors and suppliers. Protecting our work extends to protecting the environment, natural resources, and our communities. That is why all our partners, sub-contractors, and suppliers are required to comply with health, safety and environmental programs as well as practices.

GWI and its strategic partners work closely together to provide a seamless integration of services, combining both the local presence and global resources that are vital for effectively operating in challenging business environments. Well adapted to changing business scenarios, specializes in creating solutions in emerging markets.


We are proud to be an Oklahoma State Small Business, supporting our local communities grow.

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Who We Are


Our philosophy is simple: Teamwork and Service In order to achieve the goals of the owner, GWI has found that a team approach to project management creates the most efficiency and value. Our teams work together to find ways to improve and provide best value and quality practices in order to not just meet but exceed our clients expectations.


• Elevate the company’s position as an established and respected design build engineering and construction firm domestically and internationally.
• Provide Governments and corporations with logistic support services and continue to establish international operations in new regions of the world.
• Continue to actively support our clients missions and operations in post-conflict theaters.
• Continue introducing innovative construction and logistics solutions to clients world wide.
• Continue to support the Oil and Gas Sector in Mission Essential processes that require GWI expertise and services.
• Expand our services to new domestic and international markets.• Always improve and grow as an organization instilling social, environmental and ethical responsibility.
• Maintain our Health and Safety Standards and exemplary “INCIDENT FREE” record.


GWI a Multi-cultural organization

Our team is key to the  success of our corporate mission promoting diversity and equality. 


GWI emphasizes the importance of International Ethics Awareness through training and open forum discussions. Theoretical issues such as cultural relativity of ethical values receive more emphasis when a company is integrated with multi-national groups. Issues and sub-fields we focus on include:

  • The search for universal values as a basis for international commercial behavior
  • Comparison of business ethical traditions in different countries
  • Comparison of business ethical traditions from various religious perspectives
  • Ethical issues arising out of international business transactions; e.g. corruption, transfer pricing, etc.
  • Issues such as globalization and cultural imperialism
  • Varying global standards - e.g. the use of child labor, etc.
  • The way in which multinationals take advantage of international differences - e.g. too low-wage countries, human-trafficking, mistreatment, etc.

These topic are not only important to international markets but also at home.  Our working environment promotes equality, fairness, hard work, faith and creativity. 

To ensure that a disconnect between the company's code of ethics and the company's actual practices do not take place, our business practice enforces that management must promote through their own actions, a positive “corporate ethical behavior”.

To be successful, our ethics policy includes:

• Give unequivocal support to top management, by both word and example
• Explain both in writing and orally, with periodic reinforcement
• Doable....something employees can both understand and perform
• Monitoring through top management, with routine inspections for compliance and improvement
• Back with clearly stated consequences for infractions
• Remain neutral and non-sexist
• Provide clarity in guidance by having complete and updated policies and procedures in place. 
• Commitment to continuous internal training


GWI Construction Site Preparation


To facilitate our corporate goals and commitments, our objective is to provide a working environment that is conducive to an individual staff member performing at his or her best with ease.  To this end, we have developed policies and practices that each staff member must read and sign to indicate understanding and acceptance of our requirements.

GWI teamwork is accomplished by:

  • Building team spirit
  • Promoting respect, professionalism, and humility
  • Fostering loyalty as a virtue, solution driven when dealing with adversity
  • Rewarding creativity, hard work, and exemplary behavior at the workplace and within our communities

To become an industry leader, it is important for us to encourage team work in order to solve any corporate challenges to achieve results.